Our 10 Ethical Principles

At Cowface we believe people are more important than profit. Don't get us wrong, there's nothing wrong with making an honest profit, but not to the point of exploiting others and ignoring our social responsibilities.

With the manufacturing world increasingly looking to make cheaper products to maximize profits, it's often the environment and poorer communities around the world who suffer.

Together, we can take a stand against such exploitation and we encourage you, the customer, to help us support organic clothing stores that recognize there's more to life than making money.r

These are the minimum social responsibilities we follow.

1. People Before Profits

Making a profit is important as it helps create jobs and investment but how much is enough? At Cowface we want to make sure the people who make our organic yoga clothing are never exploited.

2. No Use of Child Labor...Ever!

Children shouldn't have to work. Children should receive a good education so they have access to better opportunities and a future which doesn't involve poverty.

3. No Use of Forced Labor

Forced labor can be seen as modern slavery. If we buy clothes from manufacturers who support forced labor we are rewarding criminal behavior and condoning the restriction of people's freedom and civil liberties.

4. Safe and Healthy Working Conditions For All

No one should be asked to work in an environment which is unhealthy or unsafe.

5. No Discrimination Against Any Employee

It doesn't matter who you are, what your ethnic origins, who you choose to love, or your gender identification, discrimination has no place in modern society.

6. Payment of a Living Wage as a Human Right

By paying the work force a living wage they are able to buy food for their family, pay rent, and have money for healthcare and education. This should be a human right.

7. The Right to Collective Bargaining

Manufacturing clothes should benefit the workers as well as the manufacturer, and this can be done by workers having rights to negotiate better pay and conditions without fear of losing their jobs.

8. Respect the Environment

Organic yoga clothing is made using solar and wind power which means we produce 90% less carbon per item than other brands. We also make sure all our packaging, even our mailing labels, box tape, and stickers are made from recycled organic materials.

9. Give Back

It's great to live a fortunate life, but there are many people who struggle for many different reasons, and we believe it is important to assist others in need. We give 10% of the proceeds from each organic item to a charity that is proven to help others.

10. Raise Awareness

The customer has the right to know where and under what conditions garments and shoes are made. It's up to us to question the ethical nature of how companies endorse the manufacture of their clothes, and whether they follow similar organic practices as Cowface - ethical clothing USA.


Use the chart below to determine your organic yoga clothing size.
If you’re in-between sizes, order the smaller size for a more fitted look, or the larger size for a looser fit.


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